Computational Sensitivity Analysis on a Mathematical Model of Epileptic Seizures


  • Karen A Yokley Elon University
  • Andrew F. Fischer Elon University
  • Nicholas S. Luke North Carolina A&T State University
  • Adrienne Rouiller Elon University



Epilepsy, Membrane Potential, Sensitivity Analysis


Temporal lobe epilepsy is a serious neurological disorder characterized by complex partial seizures, which are thought to originate in the hippocampus.В  Ordinary differential equation modeling has been used to describe changes in membrane potential of excitatory and inhibitory cells in order to gain insight into seizure propagation.В  In the current study, a system of ordinary differential equations based on previous modeling is used with distinct biologically reasonable values for membrane capacitance in order to determine model sensitivity to that parameter. Because delay differential equations are used in the model, sensitivity is investigated computationally by examining the variation in output relative to various inputs. Membrane capacitance was found to affect model predictions and whether groups of cells exhibited the same behavior after a certain period of time.В  Hence, membrane capacitance is a critical parameter when modeling changes in membrane potential and should be incorporated clearly.В  Changes in model output as a result of changes in a time delay parameter are also investigated.

Author Biography

Karen A Yokley, Elon University

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Elon University






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