The Impact of Allee Effect on Infectious Disease Dynamics


  • Roumen Anguelov University of Pretoria
  • Salisu Garba University of Pretoria
  • Salisu Usaini* University of Pretoria



It is well known that the Allee effect contributes to developing complicated infectious disease dynamics like multistability, oscillations and disease induced extinction of the host population. Here we characterize and quantifyВ  its epidemiological impact within a relatively simple SI model excluding vertical transmission. In such setting, the vital dynamics (births and deaths), which are responsible for the Allee effect, affect significantly the course of the disease. In the presented model the birth rate and the death rate are both modeled as quadratic polynomials. This approach provides ample opportunity for taking into account the major contributors to the Allee effect (mating opportunities, cooperative feeding, joint defence, reduced exposure to predators, cooperation in raising the young) and is an extension of the model presented in [1]. We determine two essential threshold valuesВ  .....






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