On the Mathematical Modelling of Linear Metabolic Networks


  • Galina Stoyanova Lyutskanova* University of Sofia
  • Svetoslav Markov Bulgarian Academy of Sciences




We consider metabolic networks of simple enzymatic reactions of V.Henri type. Applying the mass action law the reactions lead to a system of ordinary diferential equations. For a linear chain of reactions we propose certain simplications of the ODE system as well as a solution of the initial problem for the system. Some numerical examples are presented.References[1] Kai Schallau and Bjorn H. Junker, Simulating Plant Metabolic Path-ways with Enzyme-Kinetic Models, Plant Physiol. 152, 4, 1763{1771,2010.[2] Ming Chen and Ralf Hofestdt, An Algorithm for Linear Metabolic Path-way Alignment, Silico Biology 5, 0013 (2004).[3] Evangelos Simeonidis, Stuart C.G. Rison, Janet M. Thornton, I. DavidL. Bogle and Lazaros G. Papageorgioua, Analysis of Metabolic Net-works Using a Pathway Distance Metric through Linear Programming,Metabolic Engineering 5 (2003), 211-219.[4] N. Meslem, On the Local Stability of Irreversible and Reversible LinearMetabolic Pathways with Allosteric and Genetic Regulation, The Inter-national Federation of Automatic Control 16-18, 2013, Dec., Mumbai,India.

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Galina Stoyanova Lyutskanova*, University of Sofia

Svetoslav Markov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences






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