Device for Measuring the Parameters of Waste Biomass Obtained from the Harvest of Cereals


  • Radko Mihajlow* Technical University of Varna - DTC Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • Lazar Panaiotov
  • Svilen Stoianov
  • Desislava Mihaylova


The object of study was is a device for measuring the biomass waste (BMW), which is mounted on the harvester. An original mechanical design on the base of four linked plane mechanism and is proposed and examined by use of a prototype, which equipped with sensors. Experiments conducted under real conditions demonstrate the operability of the device. Information on the amount and parameters of BMW occurs visualized and stored in computer memory. The results of experiments are reported and discussed below, together with the recommendations on device improvement. Conclusions are made about on the importance of information collected, which is a prerequisite for its cost-effective use of BMW.

Author Biography

Radko Mihajlow*, Technical University of Varna - DTC Dobrich, Bulgaria

Dobrudhza Technological College, Dobrich






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