Stochastic analysis of a new epidemic model with incorporating media coverage


  • Driss Kiouach
  • Yassine Sabbar* MSTI Team, High School of Technology, Agadir, Morocco


The information intrusion (media coverage, health, education) as a kind
of non-drug treatment is a very useful method for the prevention and treatment of epidemics. Currently, there have been many works that consideredВ taking information intrusion into series epidemic models including SIR,В SEIR, SIRS (see e.g. [1,2]). Furthermore, the isolation of the infectiveВ individuals can serve as an effective way to prevent and control the dissemination of infections such as Measles, Smallpox, Ebola, and Lassa fever (seeВ e.g. [3]). In this work, we shall investigate the dynamic behavior of a newВ SIQS epidemic model which considers the influence of information intrusion and environmental noise. Denote the stochastic reproduction numberВ RsВ 0, we shall prove that the В ...


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