Cell cycle modelling: entrance into M-phase


  • Mateusz DД™bowski Institute of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, University of Warsaw


Cell cycle in mysterious and very important process in every living cell, because it causes division of a cell. There are many regulators of this system called cell cycle control system. In 2001 Leland Hartwell, Tim Hunt and Paul Nurse wonВ the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning cell cycle control system.

We are modelling the entrance into M-phase in order to explain the two step activation of CDK1 (the main protein of M-phase entry) observed in experiments which is represented in model by inflection points. This in a novelty caused by CDC6 and we are trying to answer the question: how does CDC6 affect on the other proteins during entry into mitosis?

In a talk I will show analytical and numerical results.

More biological background and description of experiments one can find in [1].


M. El Dika, K. Laskowska-Kaszub, M. Koryto, D. Dudka, C. Prigent, J. Tassan, M. Kloc, Z. Polanski, E. Borsuk, J. Kubiak "CDC6 controls dynamics of the first embryonic M-phase entry and progression via CDK1 inhibition", Developmental Biology, 2014, 396, 67-80.






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