Rene Alt: A life dedicated to Science


  • Roumen Anguelov University of Pretoria


It has been often said the Science teaches us humility. This is so true for Rene Alt. Rene was an excellent researcher in the interface of mathematics and computer science with a broad spectrum of knowledge and research interests, but also humble, understanding and equally respectful to students, colleagues or managers. Those of us who had the privilege of knowing him will remember how considered he was when expressing disagreement and how gentle he was in communicating criticism. His views and opinions were motivated by a wealth of knowledge and experience, yet he would not impose them but would rather bring others calmly into his understanding, so that an argument with Rene was in fact a pleasant experience. His unique sense of humor always helped to keep things in perspective.
Rene Alt's research work is published in more than fifty articles in international journals. It is more interesting in my view that it spans over several research ...






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