On the Mathematical Modelling of Fermentation Processes Using Uncertain Data: Case Studies


  • Venko Beschkov Institute of Chemical Engineering, BAS
  • Stanko Dimitrov University of Soa, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Svetoslav Markov Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS
  • Vencislav Pirinski* Technical University of Sofia
  • Gergana Velikova University of Soa, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics




Experimental data for the dynamics of fermentation processes including enzymes, substrate and product are obtained together with bounds for the systematic errors in the data. The availability of error bound allows us to study mathematically and computationally these experimental data using verication methods paying special attention to the errors involved. We describe and motivate our modelling approach on several case studies applying the Henri-Michaelis-Menten (HMM) biochemical reaction schemes of the enzyme-substrate dynamics where two fractions of enzymes (free and bound) are involved. We briefly demosntrate how basic ideas from these case studies can be applied to fermentation processing involving bacteria cells. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate how verication methods can be used to conrm or reject the proposedВ  mathematical models as possible fermentation mechanisms. Advanced computational and visualization tools are demonstrated.






Conference Contributions