Welcome Message from the Organisers


  • Organising Committee Institute of Mathematics and Informatics - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences




BIOMATH is by now an established international conference series providing a meeting forum for scientist from different disciplines and from different countries and continents who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to study phenomena in the broad fields of life sciences. BIOMATH 2014 follows a tradition of scientific meetings on biomathematics held at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and in particular the BIOMATH conferences in 1995, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The conference is taking place through the efforts and support of many. Several academic units of the Academy and three universities, as listed in the preamble, are jointly hosting BIOMATH 2014. The financial support of funding agencies, publishers and scientific organizations is acknowledged with gratitude. Further, we are grateful to all members of the Program and Organizing Committees as well as to the International Steering Committee for their active help. We thank also to all participants for their contribution to the success of this Conference. We warmly welcome all participants to BIOMATH 2014 who come from abroad. We are happy to meet colleagues from more than 20 different countries.

We pay special attention to the publication of the presented scientific communications. Selected papers presented at the BIOMATH Conferences are published in reputable journals. A list of all research articles from previous BIOMATH conferences is provided in the section Biomathematics News, Announcements and Resources. Original papers based on the presentations in BIOMATH 2014 are invited for submission to journals BIOMATH 3/2 and Mathematics and Computers in Simulation:http://www.biomath.bg/2014/publications.php

The manuscripts need to comply with each journal's scope, guidelines and style. A normal refereeing procedure based on at least two independent peer reviews will be followed. The Organizing Committee would like to request the support of all participants for high quality publications.We wish all participants productive time at the conference. We hope that BIOMATH 2014 will have a stimulating effect on your research and future career.

Roumen Anguelov and Svetoslav Markov