Successfully completed contracted project agreement between the NSF (Republic of Bulgaria) and Biomath Forum


  • Svetoslav M. Markov Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Marc R. Roussel University of Lethbridge, Canada



In 2014 the Editorial Board of journal  Biomath and  the journal publisher "Biomath Forum" jointly applied to the call  "Bulgarian  scientific periodicals" – 2014,  for financial support to publish two issues of journal Biomath. The application was approved with a budget of  €3000  under a contracted agreement NPD 04 / 9-2014 funded by the  National Science Foundation (NSF) of Republic of Bulgaria. The contractor was Biomath Forum.

The financial support В concerned В the publication of two issues of journal Biomath, namely В the online and print versions of issues 3/2 and 4/1. В  Issue 3/2 was published online in February 2015 and the print version in March 2015 and issue 4/1 was published online in September 2015 and the print version in November 2015. В The two issues continue to cover established scientific topics В and to follow the rules and practices of publishing adopted В by the Editorial Board.






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