Relationship between blood superoxide dismutase activity and zinc, copper, glutathione and metallothioneines concentrations in calves


  • Vladimir Safonov
  • Vadim Ermakov
  • Valentina Danilova
  • Vyacheslav Yakimenko



RedOx processes determine the resistance of the organism to pollutants. The aim of the study was to establish a possible relationship between copper and zinc concentration in the blood of calves and the enzyme activity of superoxide dismutase. The study was conducted in 2019 on 50 calves with a weight of 201-250 kg. The samples of venous blood were taken to estimate the level of hemoglobin, glutathione, metallothioneins, as well as zinc, copper, and superoxide dismutase activity. The obtained average values of these substances concentration were compared between each other. A positive correlation between the activity of superoxide dismutase and the concentration of zinc (r = 0.64) and copper (r = 0.87) in the blood of calves has been established. It may be because both metals are obligatory components of superoxide dismutase. There is also a positive relationship between the levels of copper and zinc (r = 0.68). For the other parameters, no reliable relationship was found. The data obtained indicate a positive relationship between the activity of superoxide dismutase and metal concentrations of copper and zinc in the blood of calves. At the same time, a more significant positive relationship is established for copper.






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